The Dean Echenberg War Poetry Collection

The Dean Echenberg War Poetry Collection consists of  war poetry written by  people who have experienced war and then wrote  about that experience in the form of poetry. 
Included are works by men, women and children of all nationalities, languages and conflicts.
The works span the time from the first appearance of the written word to the present day, ironically from the war poetry of the Sumerians to the war poetry arising from nearby conflicts in the Middle East.

The collection  includes related anthologies, manuscripts, biographies, bibliographies, links to online resources, critical examinations, reviews etc.

The collection was begun in the 1960’s and currently consist of over 6000 volumes.  It is a living collection that  continues to grow with the addition not only of published texts but also with links to important  online war poetry resources.

All 6000 items in the collection have  been cataloged and most of them  annotated.  You can browse or search all of the 6000 items in the collection from here.